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Game to bet now Minnesota at Cleveland (+9.5) After going 1-15 last season, is it possible for the Browns to actually be worse than that this year? Cleveland will have reached the halfway mark of this season by this time next week, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone outside of Northeast Ohio who thinks they can reverse things and find a way to put up a W. Didn’t you just KNOW that they would lose last Sunday? How bad is it? A Browns promotion to give a prize to one fan when awry when the seat chosen at random was... 

Written by AAA Sports

Game to bet now Dallas at San Francisco (+6) Call this one the National Anthem Bowl. The Cowboys, who have been ordered by owner Jerry Jones to stand for the anthem under penalty of benching (or worse), vs. the 49ers, who are the flagship franchise for protest and can stand or kneel depending on the depths of their beliefs. There will probably be a football game after said anthem, and it’s a big game for the Boys if not the out-of-it-already Niners. Dallas is 2-3 (both SU and ATS), and staring down the barrel of a nasty... 

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1* Free Play Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is 0-5 and is most likely the worst team in the league. Houston has shown promise with DeShaun Watson under center, but the team took a major hit on the defensive side of the ball in last week’s heart-breaking loss at Kansas City, losing all pro defensive star JJ Watt for the rest of the season to injury. With their bye occuring next weekend before a game at Seattle, it’s also not too hard to imagine the home side looking past their lowly visitor today. DeShone Kizer is no DeShaun... 

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Game to bet on now Buffalo at Cincinnati (-3) The first-place Buffalo Bills. OMG. No, today is not Opposite Day. The Bills are actually in first place in the AFC for the first time since, well, maybe George Bush – the FIRST George Bush. Anyway, New England’s continued defensive struggles have created at least a temporary opening for the Bills and their long-suffering fans, and right now they’re taking full advantage. Through four games Buffalo has given up the fewest points in the league (less than 14 a game), and... 

Written by AAA Sports

1* Free Play OVER Chargers/Giants. Both teams feature pass heavy offenses with veterans Philip Rivers and Eli Manning going head to head. Each team is 0-4 and desperate for a victory, so we’re expecting them to open up the playbook this afternoon. It’s interesting to note that the Chargers have seen the total go OVER the number in seven of their last ten games played in the month of October, while the Giants have seen the total go OVER the number in six of their last eight after two or more consecutive SU losses. We... 


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